dimanche 9 février 2014

How to Apply Gorgeous Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial

Five simple colors, 3 brushes and everyone will think that you are one creative person when they see the end result of what you accomplished. Yellow, Silver and blue go so well together that you will swear they where meant to be and what the black does to it is truly amazing.
1. Began halfway on the eyelid, apply the yellow to the inside of the eye and just going a tiny bit in on the bottom.
2. Apply the silver to the remaining space of the eyelid, apply the blue from the corner and underneath the eyelid until it nearly touches the yellow.
3. With a thin bush, make a thin line over the eyelid and thicken it when going towards the corner.
4. With the same brush do a thick line all round eye liner.
Now the secret is to apply just a little bit of purple to the top of the eyelid and underneath (do it carefully and just a touch).
How to Apply Gorgeous Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial

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