dimanche 9 février 2014

Diagonal Pink and White Nail Art Tutorial

Nail designs come in all different colours and patterns but this beautiful delicate design is perfect for everyone that wants a touch of spring on their nails. If you love floral patters and girly colours such as pink and white, then make your nails ready for a fabulous design! 1. Start by painting your nails with the base colour (pink in this case), topcoat and let it dry. After doing so, apply striping tape diagonally
2. Tape off two opposite triangles
3. Stamp over the uncovered part
4. Remove the tape off your nails
5. With a white nails polish (Jacava Mont Blanc) paint the opposite triangles
6. Remove the striping tape and let the design dry for a few minutes
7. Re-apply new pieces of striping tape
8. Cut off the excessive striping tape
9. Apply top coat and that’s it! Beautiful and fabulous
Diagonal Pink and White Nail Art Tutorial

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