dimanche 9 février 2014

How to Apply Coral Makeup Eyeshadow

Coral is a very delicate color and is the number one color being used- and talked about in the fashion industry. Its such a wonderful color that is truly the eyes best friend.
1. With a brush, apply the brown (lightly) around the outside of the eyelid and down to the corner of the eyelid.
2. From a quarter of the way in from the eyelid began to thicken the shadow.
3. Apply the pink to the empty space of the eyelid. With the pencil apply a thick black line underneath the pink.
4. On the bottom of the eye-line apply the green and finish with a light touch up of the eye lashes.
You will be so pleased with the end result because you will see how the coral is your eyes new best friend.
How to Apply Coral Makeup Eyeshadow -Tutorial

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