dimanche 9 février 2014

Cute Zebra Nails Tutorial

Welcome to the jungle! Well… actually we assume you are at home right now and we`d like to suggest an awesome idea, for those of you with the wildest nature and all zebrafans.
This is a cool nail art. And you need only black and white nail polish to do it. We don`t know if the zebra is a black-striped white horse or a white-striped black horse, but let`s paint the nails white.
When the nail polish is completely dry, start drawing black stripes, as shown on the pictures. You don`t need to follow the strictly follow them or try to make all the nails equal.
Just think of all the zebras you`ve see while drawing and everything will be fine. Don`t be afraid to try the other way round, too . Paint your nails black and draw white stripes. Enjoy!

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