dimanche 9 février 2014

Celtic Braid

If you are tired of braiding your hair the classical way we will show you a new technique of braiding-  a celtic braid. This hairstyle is really stylish and is perfect for any occasions.
Start with taking a large section and divide it in 4 strands. Take the first strand and place it over the second strand, continuing under the third strand and over the back strand. From this position, take the new third strand, cross it over the second one and under the first strand. Now, cross the second strand under the third one and over the back one. From now, repeat the procedure starting with the third strand and so on until you braid the entire section.
At final, you will see that the braiding has a very obvious strand in the middle. Pull on that strand and push the rest of the braiding up your hair. Gently, arrange the braiding, secure with an elastic and use bobby pins to fix it as you wish.

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