mardi 4 février 2014

Have You Ever Done This Nail Art Before ?

This nail tutorial is showing you how to make double sided manicure
With this manicure you’ll get all the attention!
This is new interesting nail art
Choose two different color polishes ( we used black and red )
And you’ ll need a tape.
First slip a piece of tape between the nail and the finger to run along the nail line .
Continue with folding the tape down over the finger .
Don’t cover the front of the nail !
Fold the two flaps down, one over the other , to keep them out of the way.
Than paint the underside of the nail in chosen color ( we used red )
After  that paint the top of the nails . We’ve  decided to use black nail polish.
When everything is dry, remove the tape!
Louboutin Nails-1 1526726_601266916608834_1790632289_n

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