mardi 4 février 2014

DIY Tricks for faking bigger eyes


If the eyes are the windows to your soul, then squinty, beady peepers won’t do.
To help you achieve a doe-like
effect, we asked makeup pros to share their ten best eye-opening secrets.
Crease Up
Your eye crease dictates the shape and depth of your eye.
Faking a higher crease is a shortcut to making eyes appear bigger. Start with a taupe shade on a rounded crease brush. Look into the mirror with your eyebrows relaxed and do a semi-circle above your lashes. Go right above where your natural crease is, not too high. 
Apply a vanilla shade under your brows and blend the colors together for a natural look.
Get the Blues
When choosing eyeliner, reach for blue hues.
The blue will make the whites of your eyes appear lighter and brighter. If you take it right along the top lashes, really close to the lash line, but make it thicker toward the outside of the eye, it gives the illusion of a bigger eye as well.
Lash Out
Mix and match mascaras to create a multitasking formula.
First, apply two coats of lengthening mascara, followed by two coats of volumizing mascara.
Concentrate the application in the center of your lashes to pull them upward and make your eyes appear rounder.
Experiment with different brands until you find the mixture that works best for your lashes.
False Move
If you’re going for a more dramatic look, apply false lashes so the longest part of the lash is at the inner corner of your eyes.
Most lashes have the longest parts at the end of the eye.
While applying false lashes, the normal way makes your eye appear longer. Flipping them pulls your eye out vertically, creating the illusion of a bigger, rounder eye.
Golden Touch
There’s no greater gift than lining the inside of the eyes with a gold or metallic pencil.
Reflective shimmer not only draws attention to your eyes, but also opens them up and makes them appear more awake.
Holy Smoke
Smoky colors are typically reserved for eyelids, but applying a subtle smoky effect under your lower lash line can add major dimension to your eyes.
This trick naturally expands the shape of your eye and makes your whites appear whiter.
Use a soft brush to smudge.
Start with a shadow close to your skin tone and line thickly.
Then, smudge a darker shade closer to the lash line for more depth.
Connect the Dots
After applying mascara, dot a fine tip liquid eye liner directly between your lashes.
This technique makes up for any missing lashes and helps define the top of your eyelid without constricting the shape of your eye

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