samedi 7 décembre 2013

Beach Sunset Nail Tutorial

Although it is September, it is not too late for an awesome beach sunset nail design. You will need mild blue, orange and pink nail polish, black acrylic paint, tooth stick or a suitable tool and a few pieces of sponge.
Paint your nails orange, then use plastic or nylon to style the design on it. When you do it, carefully blend the colors using the teeth stick, then soak the sponge in water and when it is only slightly wet, apply to your nails. You will probably paint your fingers `skin, too, but don`t worry – use nail polish on an ear bud to clean it. When this layer is dry, paint the very top of your nail in black and draw the black palm trees with the paint.
Apply a top coat and all you need is a tasty cocktail, nice sunset and someone to share it with.

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