samedi 7 décembre 2013

Weave Nails Tutorial

Weave Nails Tutorial
This design is pretty easy, when you have a picture tutorial to follow. All you need is nail polish – black and red and a thin brush to draw the lines.
Pain your nails red and when the nail polish is completely dry, take the black nail polish and the think brush and start  drawing two parallel vertical lines from the bottom of your nail. Try to position them in the center, and leave enough space between the lines themselves.
Then paint a horisontal line over the vertical lines and  a parallel one over.
Repeat the steps again as shown on the picture – two parallel horisontal lines over two parallel vertical lines.  This is the “spine’ – in the center of the nail. From now on, you should repeat those steps to the left and to the right, as shown on the pictures.
Leave small squares between the lines, so that you can fill them in with black at the end.
When you are ready, simply apply a top coat – you will not believe you have managed to do this by yourself! Enjoy!

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