samedi 7 décembre 2013

Awesome Cupcake Nail Design

I love cupcakes – I have earrings, necklaces and even clothes with them but I have never thought of having them on my nails before seeing this amazing tutorial. All you need is nail polish – pink, white and orange and a big dotting tool.
Apply a base coat on your nails and cover the top of  your nails pink. When the layer is dry, draw a few orange lines on it. Then use white nail polish and the dotting tool to draw the actual cupcake. When this is ready you can make it even more beautiful by drawing a little orange heart at the bottom and adding a few pink dots on the white cupcake. Looks delicious, right?
You can experiment with other colours and accessories, keeping in mind the main “cupcake” idea. For example you can draw a red bow or use a circle instead of a heart. Simply use your imagination and your nails will be a piece of art.

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