samedi 7 décembre 2013

The Lollypop Nails – DIY Creative Nail Design

This is what I call “a lollypop nail design”. It is fresh, fun and not difficult to do. You need white nail polish, dark and light pink nail polish and a suitable thin brush, to draw the lines.
First, paint your nails white. When this layer is dry, draw a wave vertically, as shown on the picture, using the dark pink nail polish. Then draw a small line on the bottom and fill it in with the nail polish. Repeat the procedure on the top, but in the opposite direction.
Then cross the first wave with another wave and repeat the steps above. When they are completely dry, use the light pink nail polish to draw two waves diagonally and fill them with nail polish. Apply top coat and you are done – your very own Lollypop nails are ready.
I really love experimenting with my nails, so remember – if the first time it does not work, but you like it, do not give up – try again and again until you are happy with the result. This is the best way to enjoy beautiful nails with creative design.

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