mardi 17 décembre 2013

“Merry Christmas” Nail Tutorial

Christmas is that one day of the year where everyone shows love, support and respect to even those who they might not really like. But Christmas is not just about celebrating and eating good food, it is also a reminder to what Jesus Christ did for humanity and regardless of religion, Christmas day makes everyone feel in peace with themselves because there is so much love, peace and happiness in the air.
But there’s a little detail about Christmas that I want to share with you all today, and that is the beautiful Christmas nail that is been going viral the last few days; and in case you haven’t seen yet, now you will.
This beautiful design is easily done and it brings Christmas at the palm of your hand like never before. For making this nail tutorial you will need: silver, white, green and red nail polish, as well as invisible tape.
Start by applying a coat of white nail polish on your nails, except the ring finger (look at the picture below). For the ring finger we have another nail polish that needs to be applied and that is the silver nail polish. After applying these first two nail polish, let it dry and make ready some small stripes of tape in order to create the beautiful shape of Christmas tree.
Place the tape stripes such as the third picture indicates on all of your nails and then apply a red coat on your nails except on your ring nails, because there you will apply green nail polish. Using a stick such as shown in the picture number three, add a small embellishment (meant to be the start on the top of the tree) by gluing it carefully. Let it all dry and there you have it! Welcome Christmas like never before with this gorgeous nail design.
"Merry Christmas" Nail Tutorial
“Merry Christmas” Nail Tutorial

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