mardi 10 décembre 2013

Matte and Gloss Nail Tutorial

This nail tutorial is made of nail paint of same shade but one has two be matte manicure and the other one gloss. Although I love all different manicures, there’s something about matte manicures that I totally love and just lately have bought a pink matte manicure but that’s something I am going to talk next time when I bring to you all a pink nail manicure-because today we are going to talk about a simple gorgeous nail design that is going to make you all fall in love with it.
Start by applying a full coat of the chosen colour matte manicure ( you can choose any colour combination you like, I have chosen purple because it is a fashionable colour that matches with everything). After doing so, let the manicure dry and then apply tape such as shown below and then add the gloss manicure in the exposed area.
Let it dry and then slowly remove the tape off your nails. And there you have it! Super easy, isn’t it? It only takes few minutes and two manicures to do this. As I mentioned above, you can create this nail design with all different colours; you can even apply different colour matte manicure and different colour gloss-just make sure colours to match with each other. Simply follow the picture tutorial below and you will be able to create this super easy nail design. Keep your nails fashionable and fabulous!
Matte and Gloss Nail Tutorial

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