mardi 10 décembre 2013

Black Nail Design

Black nail polish is classy, stylish and very trendy for these cold winter days. Although some women find it ‘too gothic’, I would say that depends on how you wear. If you paint your nails black, wear a pale face cream, dark hair and lipstick, then I would definitely say gothic, but if you wear it in a classy shinny way such as this tutorial below, then I believe you will achieve the most fabulous nail look ever.
For this tutorial, you will need two black polish, one in matte and another normal (shinny one). Start by applying a full coat of normal black nail polish in all of your nails and the let it dry for a few minutes. After making sure the nails are well dried, carefully place the tape such as shown in the picture below (if you are good at painting, you can simply paint your nails without the need of tape). After doing so, apply the matte nail polish such as shown in the picture and once the matte nail polish is dried as well, gently remove the tape off your nails. There you have it! Super easy nail design in only few minutes. Now you don’t need to spend a penny on nail saloons to get your nails done, simply follow this picture tutorial and you will have the most gorgeous nails in town! Try it now and see the result on your nails. For more nail designs, have a look at my previous articles. Keep your nails fashionable with super easy tutorials.
Black Nail Design

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