jeudi 5 décembre 2013

Heart Nail Design Tutorial

Today I am very exciting to bring to you all one of the easiest and gorgeous nail designs in the history! Heart shapes are not only girly and romantic but unique and amazing as well.
For this easy nail tutorial you will need a small brush (to paint the nails), a pink pastel nail polish and a black one.
Start by applying a full coat of pink pastel nail polish all over your nails and let it dry for a few minutes.
Then using a thick brush, make a triangle figure such as shown in the picture number two and three.
After doing that look at the picture number three and four on how to finish the heart shape and carefully based on the picture number five, give your heart the right shape. Now is time to fill the corners such as shown in the picture number seven and eight.
Make sure not to ruin the heart shape you firstly painted while filling in the corners. One simple wrong line and the whole design its ruined. Make sure to let each nail totally dry before painting the other one so it wont be ruined. Or if you need help, ask your sister/friends to help you create this design and then you help them have the same design on their nails.
Enjoy making this super easy awesome nail design. You can do this nail design with different colour combination but I have chosen pink pastel and black because are two very contrasting colours that make your nails look awesome!
Heart Nail Design Tutorial
Heart Nail Design Tutorial

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