jeudi 5 décembre 2013

Emerald Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

Pantone has introduced the colour of the year 2013 and that is Emerald green. Every year Pantone introduces a colour that is going to be the more popular colour in the world of fashion and this year they choose this beautiful green colour called emerald green.
Not only this colour is unique and absolutely stunning but also has been around for nearly a year now and in case you haven’t tried it before, let’s all give it a go and apply it on our eyes and look gorgeous. I have recently bought this colour and couldn’t wait to try it; I love the result and I am sure you all will love it as much as I did.
Start by applying white pencil (or white eyeshadow) very close to your eyebrows and make sure to blend it well. With a black pencil (or black eyeshadow) line your eyes both on your eyelid as well as close to your lower lashes. After doing so, with a medium size brush, gently apply the emerald green eyeshadow such as the picture tutorial indicates.
Apply black eyeliner and there you have it. A beautiful eye makeup made with emerald green eyeshadow that looks gorgeous. I believe this makeup suits perfectly to everyone, no matter what colour eye you might have. mine are brown for example, and this eye makeup made my eyes pop! Try it now and you will not be disappointed.
Emerald Green Eye Makeup Tutorial
Emerald Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

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