lundi 11 novembre 2013

How To Fill Eyebrows Perfectly

This tutorial will show you a nice way to fill your eyebrows in. You will need a spoolie, an eyebrow comb, a light and a dark brown pencil / the darker shade could be eye shadow, too) and a small makeup brush.
Use the spoolie on your groomed eyebrows and then draw the line you wish with a light brown pencil. After that, fill in the space with the same pencil and apply another coat using a darker shade. Use a suitable brush to apply some concealer around the eyebrows and blend it to match the colour of your skin, using the eyebrow comb. Now you are done and your eyebrows look as if they were taken care of by a famous makeup artist. This trick is very quick and easy, but as you can see the result is amazing!

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