vendredi 22 novembre 2013

Step by Step Eye-Makeup Tutorial for You

Eye make up is arguably the most important part of the make up process itself. You need to really get the eyes right so the rest of your face is properly done. The type of cosmetics is of course another thing you must consider. The important thing is to focus on the eyes however. Here’s a step by step guide to show you how to get your eyes looking the way you want them to.  Start off by getting a box full of pasty colored eye shadow, such as beige, gray and light gray. Pick a pencil eyeliner, a gel eye liner and a mascara of your choice and get ready to get started! We advice you first outline your eyes using the black pencil outliner and then go over that with the gel eyeliner. That way the eye will stand out more. Following that add a bit of silvery/gray eye shadow on top of the upper lid black eyeliner and smudge it until you get the right consistency and blend you want. Finish off by applying some pencil eyeliner to your waterline – of course not forgetting to add the gel eyeliner as a finishing touch. Mascara your lashes up and you are good to go!


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