vendredi 22 novembre 2013

7 Easy Steps to Pose Like a Real Model

How to Wake Up The Model Inside You
Photos are a very important part of our lives as they save our memories. But we all want to look good in our photos or else we won’t like ourselves, I’m sure we all agree. In order to avoid such frustrations, it’s better to learn how to pose like a model.
1. The hair is very important
Position your hair properly . As you can see the hair on the first picture looks terrible. Thankfully you can choose from at least 5 more options shown below.
2.Pull your chin or ears forward
In order to avoid the “nostril” effect, stretch your chin forward as if someone is pulling your ears. This is called “turtling“.
3. Lift your shoulders
Simply put your arm around your waist to avoid squashing it into the torso – it doesn’t look great on pictures.

4. Add more visual space in the waist area
The more visual space between arm and torso, the better – but try not make it look awkward.
5.Include your shoulders.
Turn around a little bit, this will make you look slimmer and more visually appealing.

6.Pay attention to the gaze
Do not focus on an object which will make the camera catch your eye whites. It simply does not look good.
7. Don`t underestimate the nose
This is a little bit more complicated but certainly does wonders. Try to create an imaginary line between your chin and forehead – which should not be interrupted by the nose. This will help you avoid the “Pinocchio” look. There you have it!

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