vendredi 22 novembre 2013

Sparkly Exotic Cat Eye

Cat Eye Makeup is one of the most feminine and seductive makeup types ever existed. It will never be out dated, no matter that Cleopatra herself used it so many years ago. This make up is your ideal choice for a night out, as it is sexy and provocative, depicting the cat – this gracious creature, a trademark of the vamp woman.
This tutorial will show you a few tips, which will help you enable yourself with the feline look and enjoy all the men`s attention this evening. Don`t miss the opportunity to try it…even if it is only once in life.
Prepare the eyelid and cover with eye shadow as shown on the picture. Then use a liner to draw your upper and lower lid, trying to get as perfect finish of the lines as possible. Finish with sparks and mascara. This is the sparkly cat eye makeup, which will make women jealous and men ready to obey you.

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