lundi 11 novembre 2013

How To Bleach Your Eyebrows

It is very important to take into account your face`s shape, when tweezing or threading your eyebrows. However sometimes this is not enough and you may feel the colour needs to be changed too, in order to suit your whole outfit. In this case continue reading and learn how to bleach your eyebrows.
Clean and groom your eyebrows, before starting the actual bleaching. Then apply some vaseline around the eyebrows, to protect the skin
Buy a bleach suitable for eyebrows and follow the directions on how to blend all the products included. Comb your clean brows. Then use a spoolie to apply the bleach evenly. Make sure the hairs are coated on all angles. When they are covered leave them for a few minutes – how many depends on the bleach and your own preferences. Most of the time 10 minutes approximately is fine if you want to change the colour.
Carefully remove the bleach from your eyebrows. Let them dry and apply purple shampoo, using a Q-tip. Allows the shampoo 10minutes and clean it. Now your brows should have a more natural look.
As you can see there is a difference between picture 1 and picture 8, but it still looks good.

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