lundi 11 novembre 2013

Cool Braid Hair tutorial – Chinese Staircase Ponytail

This is a rather unusual way to do your hair, but as you can see it looks amazing. It looks rather complicated, but once you get it, you`d be willing to do it every day.
It works best on straight hair, so straighten yours before starting. First, take a strand from your hair and separated from the rest. Make a ponytail and secure with elastic.
Then take the strand and twist it around the ponytail to make a knot. Take another small strand from your ponytail and  combine it with the end of the knot. Repeat step 4 and continue this strand-know technique as far down as you`d like.
There are many variations, which could add more glamour to this style – you can curl some of the hair or add accessories in it – we will leave it to your imagination.

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