mardi 15 octobre 2013

Top 10 Hijab Outfit Ideas for this Fall 2013

Although it is still sunny, fall is already here and winter is behind the door. Woke up today and had to leave home early in the morning; I saw the sun shinning outside and though well, this is gonna be a good warm day…but when I went outside I realized that it wasn’t that warm really and that I should dress according to season and that’s when I start searching for some great ideas to wear for this fall.
I have bought many new items and clothing for this fall/winter but haven’t been able to wear them all yet as weather has been quite unpredictable. But I think October means fall is fully and totally here.
Making a cute collection of ten picture has not that easy, because I want to show the best that is out there; and this beautiful girls (bloggers/models) have made their point really well; Not only they are an inspiration to us all, but they help you realize that Hijab is all about modesty, but feeling and looking feminine is the key.
Some of the best hijab colors to wear for this season are: golden brown, blue, dark florals, brown purple and of course beautiful prints such as grey and white shown below.
As about clothing I would say black leather jackets, which are not only trendy but also keep your warm on cold windy days. Military jackets seem to be back on trend for this fall 2013 and if you like the idea you might purchase one; it looks really cute! For more have a look at this beautiful collection below.

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