samedi 26 octobre 2013

The Zipper Arm Candy


How many things can you do out of an ordinary zipper? Do you know that unusual things make the best accessories? There are 5 creative ideas of how to use a zipper – definitely try them. You will need: quick hold contact adhesive, leather crimps and clasps, needle nose pilers, scissors, velcro or snap buttons and of course zippers.
1. Zipper Bangles
These are easy to do, but do look awesome. All you have to do is to cut out the zipper`s fabric, measure the zipper to suit your hand, then fasten the cord ends and add clasp and loop. You are done. Don`t be afraid to play with colours and don`t forget to make a bangle for each of your friends – they`ll love it.

2. Braided Cuff
For this item, it is best to choose a zipper, which offers some contrast – a black zipper with golden teeth for example. Zip the zipper, then cut in half and unzip to make 4 pieces. Then fasten three of them using a leather crimp and braid. When you are done, add a leather crimp on the other side, too, fasten and enjoy your new braided cuff.

3. Denim Bracelet
For the denim bracelet, you will need a denim zipper. Measure it to suit your wrist and cut the excess. Then secure one end and twist. Do the same with the other end, too. You can wear the bracelet zipped or unzipped, but in any case it will not go unnoticed.

4. Blinged Out Cuff
This is not very easy to do and you may need a few attempts, however this is the ultimate rock cuff made out of a zipper. You will need a really long zipper. Cut it in half, ensuring you can wrap each piece around your wrist…twice. Then join the halves together and attach velcro on either end (you may use snap buttons to fasten it around your wrist) . Then choose more zippers in same shades and remove the fabric. Use glue to attach them and begin creating a spiral design, continue gluing all along and clean the excess glue with a toothpick.

5. Zipper Wrap Bracelet
You will need a long zipper – to be able to wrap it around your wrist 2-3 times. Remove the fabric and clamp the ends – and you ready to show off your new zipper wrap bracelet.

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