mardi 29 octobre 2013

How to Do French Manicure -Super Easy Way

French manicure is one of the most popular, clean looking style ever! I love it because it makes your nail look polished and very elegant. However, going to beauty salon and have your nails done costs, and we don’t want to spend our money on manicures when there are so many others things more important to spend your money on.
French manicure is not hard to do yourself. But with the right tips you can make it more enjoyable and easy. I know that most people like to use normal tape but the difference to that from the one on the tutorial below is that normal tape will make a very straight line which doesn’t look that good on the corners because it leaves quite a big space un-polished. But this one that comes in a circular shapes is more idea as it suits perfectly to the shape of your nail.
Even though we have chose yellow neon manicure in this picture, that doesn’t mean that you can try different colours. This is a funky look but more women choose the white because it looks more sophisticated and feminine. Whatever job you do, French manicure is going to suit and look perfect not only for work but school also.
I hate how other manicures have to be combined or look too bold after the first day and for example if you apply a pink manicure you have to watch out hat you wear or what accessories you put; but that all changes when you apply French manicure.
Simply follow this easy picture tutorial and you are going to make the fastest, cheapest French manicure ever! Enjoy and have fun doing it.
How to Do French Manicure -Super Easy Way
How to Do French Manicure -Super Easy Way

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