mercredi 30 octobre 2013

Purple Hijab Trends -Best Colors and Ideas

Purple is the color of royalty, therefore is no surprise that for this autumn/winter 2013, is back in trend. We are seeing all celebrities wearing it on the red carpet, fashion designers showing it off on their runways newest collections and of course we can’t miss this gorgeous colors even on Hijabs.
Purple is a color that enhances your face and adds color to your outfit! That’s why I have put together this small but cute collection of best purple Hijab styles and outfit color combinations so you all get inspired and wear purple more often.
1-Purple has many shades, and this one below has a blue shade on it. It is perfect as it looks unique and simply beautiful.
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2-If plain purple Hijab is not for you, then add some florals to it. You can wear a purple floral hijab for this fall 2013 and rock the looks by matching it with a black top or maxi skirt.
3-Purple is such an elegant color, that can be wore no matter the occasion, both daily or evenings -and as you can see here, purple can be easily matched with a classy dress.
4-Stripes have been a huge trend lately, and you if like having stripes onto your purple Hijab then consider golden stripes.
5-Match purple with grey for a casual and simple look such as the one here.
6-I like the combination Hijab and hats, especially for winter where you can match it with something similar as this one here.
7-You can also add brooches if you want to spice things up a little bit
8-This is my favorite so far, the embellishments as well as the purple shade makes this hijab perfect!
9-For a more casual look, try matching purple hijab with neutral tops
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10-Purple Hijab and mint top look so good together, although it is a good match for spring, i think we can still wear it
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11-Sportive, casual and perfect for daily wear!
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Purple Hijab Trends -Best Colors and Ideas
Purple Hijab Trends -Best Colors and Ideas

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