samedi 26 octobre 2013

Women’s Fashionable Watches – 24 Different Designs

Before watches were invented in 15th century in Europe, people would get oriented and would assume what time of the day it was based on the sun and moon. Only on the 17th century watches start evolving quickly. The first watch invented was totally mechanic and were held in the pockets.
Pocket watches were usually kept by men on their jacket’s pocket but as time start moving forward, so did the industry of watches. Today there are many brands that produces watches and some of the most familiar for women’s watches are : Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Michael Kors, Timex, Fossil, Chanel and Hermes. Of course there are many more famous brands but I only mentioned few as the list would be pretty long.
I believe it is essential to buy a high quality watch and not any random brand-and I should know that. When you trying not to spend and buy cheap stuff that’s when you end up spending more. I saw a cheap but cute looking watch online few months ago and automatically purchased it. I didn’t thought much about it, the price is low so all looked very good. Waited one month for the watch to arrive as they kept telling me there are delays on the post office, and when it finally arrived, a week later it stopped working and let’s not talk about the material!
That’s why consider any of these brands and designs I have illustrated below before purchasing anything.
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