mercredi 23 octobre 2013

Super Easy Turkish Hijab Tutorial

In Turkey, veiled women have a special way of wearing their hijab. Although everyone like it, some find it difficult to wear.
here are some general tips and tricks that might help you.
  • My pins slip and fall
If your straight pins slide from your scarves and fall, use a small thin pin or a straight pin that has a hood attached to the rope.
  • My scarf slides behind my head
If your scarf tends to slip behind the head, attach it on the top of the head (but not in the middle! Slightly on the side), right on the scarf  fix it with a small straight pin of a similar color to your scarf.
  • Silk scarves
Silk scarves are very slippery only if they are bright. Otherwise, if they are dull, I find them very stable. They are insulated, flexible and quite resistant to the pins. So just avoid all the scarves that are too bright, but don’t deprive yourself of the silk scarves if you really want to wear them I strongly advise you to wear an underscarf to stabilize.
Here is a tutorial to inspire you:
Super Easy Turkish Hijab Tutorial
Super Easy Turkish Hijab Tutorial

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