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Learn How To Be Your Spouse’s Best Friend

the woman was created to be a help to the man, next to him, not his inferior. She must be beautiful inside and out and have a life of gentleness, peace, love and service. She must know how to be accepted and loved. She must obey her husband, but by putting all her intelligence and all the resources at her disposal. Of course there are also cases where she must disobey him to obey God. Loving her husband is to be the most loyal support, is to pray for him, let him fulfill the mission for which he was called, it is also to understand his inner conflicts and dare to defy some cultural barriers. It is important to develop this relation and friendship, even when everything seems to go wrong.
Here are some lines of how to be your spouse’s best friend.

Learn How To Be Your Spouse's Best Friend
Learn How To Be Your Spouse’s Best Friend
. Be always a good listener to your husband, because the man by nature likes to talk about his feelings and fears to those who know how to listen more than talk, if you show yourself as a good listener, he will always feel confident talking to you and telling you all the things he go through whether it is a joy or a sorrow.
. Win your husband’s trust initially and try to understand his nature from all the aspects , if he’s shy or social, intelligent or tired of the responsibilities and know how you can deal with these aspects with understanding.
. Prepare an appropriate  atmosphere before getting alone with your husband and don’t keep talking about the concerns of the house and the kids, but give him enough time to get out what’s inside  so he won’t hide it from you. Remember that he spends the whole day at work stressing and getting tired, he sure has no mood to listen to the house problems, as a friend and a good wife give him space to relieve.
. Share with him decisions by thinking aloud together, and give appropriate advices as much as possible , but if his decision was against your opinion try to accept it in the beginning then wisely discuss it with him  and smartly show errors that must be avoided .
. Calmness.  One of the most qualities loved by a husband when he is busy or upset about something, it gives him comfort , so don’t make pressure on him to talk about it, but be calm and give him space to open his heart for you.
. Share with him his activities and show him your love about everything he works on, this way he will feel comfortable showing you more of what he does and work on and can also trust you to take care of his business.
. Organize fun activities for both of you, play his favorite game, buy him tickets for the football match of his favorite team … etc .

He will do the same for you if you’re blessed with a greatful husband

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