jeudi 24 octobre 2013

Make Mascara Last 3X Longer

Most of mascara’s dry out before finishing, and that’s why I always know that no matter how often I use mascara, I will never be able to finish a whole bottle till the end before throwing it away. But that has totally changed since I found out that I can now make the dry mascara into liquid again with only few drops of saline solution, or better saying eyedrops. Whenever you see that your mascara has start getting dry, simply add 3-4 eye drops in it and you will see how it will turn into liquid again. This is the best, most effective and low cost way to save money on mascara’s. I always like buying good brands when it comes to makeup, and mascara in particular because buying cheap ones will not only damage your eyelashes but will make your eyes sensitive and even lead to eye infections.
This is an awesome idea that totally works. Give it a try and you will see what I am talking about. Keep your makeup fresh and watch out from bacteria’s. I would recommend for you to wash the mascara brush every two week in order to keep it free from bacteria.
Make Mascara Last 3X Longer!
Make Mascara Last 3X Longer!

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