dimanche 27 octobre 2013

Effects of Room Color Schemes on Your Mood

It has been proved scientifically that colors affect your mood. So before going for a color scheme it is better to know what effect it is going to create in the long run.
1. Red

Red energizes and boosts your mood. So it will be a good idea to have it in a common space like living room.
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It is also considered to be the color of love and warmth. So it can make a bathroom look cozy.
2. Orange

Orange is yet another energetic color and it is ideal for little fellows who love to remain active.

A pop of orange in dining room would also be a good idea.
3. Blue

Blue lowers the pulse rate and calms your senses bringing tranquility to your mind and what better place will it be for blue other than a bedroom?

You can also use a oceanic shade of it in your kitchen. To add further, contrasted to light blue, dark blue has a bit gloomy effect.
4. Yellow 

Yellow is a cheerful color but at the same time risky if too much of it is used. It may develop feelings of anger causing people to lose control of their temper.
Therefore, the best would be to mix it with light tones in order to get the best of its positive energy.
5. Green

Green is a color full of goodness and has the most refreshing and calming effects. It symbolizes nature and brings tranquility.

So you can use it anywhere you want.
6. Purple

Purple symbolizes luxury and has a royal feel. So if you love cooking , become a kitchen queen by getting your kitchen done in purple.

A bathroom can also be given a royal and lush appearance using purple.
7. Black

Black at one side shows oppression and mourning and on the other side shows glamour and power.

For interiors it can be mixed with another tone like white.
8. Pink

Pink symbolizes femininity , warmth and romance. However, too much of it won’t be leaving a good effect on you but if you are obsessed with pink then you can go for an all pink room.
9. Neutral

You can never go wrong with earth or neutral tones.

They will leave a good effect on you that will give warmth and coolness simultaneously.

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