jeudi 31 octobre 2013



easymanicureDid you know that vivid colours are the trendy ones this winter? The more colorful, the better. This autumn and winter all shades can be fashionable if they are powerful. It can be the classic red, claret, purple or even orange. Just as within make-up, here, it is also important to have neat hands. Just with a qucik express manicure, we can have a really nice result. By gently pushing back the cuticle, shape your nails, then degrease it. Under your chosen colour, you must use a base coat, therefore, it won't discolour your nails later on. After that, you can apply your colorful nail polish, and when it has dried apply a top coat nail polish, therefore, it will last longer. Last but not least, hydrate your skin with a hand cream.

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