mercredi 30 octobre 2013

Flat Oxford Shoes Trends 2013

Summer is now gone and fall arrives with new collections and fashion styles. We, women love shoes-however walking it total comfort is more important than looking good-I mean who would wear hideous shoes just for the sake of fashion (except Lady Gaga of course, she is out of this planet), as I was saying, comfortable shoes should be a priority on the list of fall items you are going to guy.
I have already start shopping for this fall 2013 and I just got my oxford shoes and totally in love with them- However I didn’t include them here as I thought to bring some other styles for you all, so you can have more options when buying your oxford shoes.
The best colors for fall are dark blue, brown, grey, black, dark red, galaxy (a huge trend for the past few months) and any other dark color you like.
Although Oxford shoes were firstly designed as men footwear, throughout the years they become women’s favorite and they are now designed for women as well. As you can see below the style is very attractive and for all of you who already own a pair, know that they can be easily matched with everything. From maxi skirts to jeans; you can play around with colors as well. If you want a pair that matches with nearly everything then go for neutral colors such as black , beige, brown, and grey.
Have a look at these styles below and get inspired for this fall 2013! :)
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