vendredi 18 octobre 2013

Fashionable Handbags for this Autumn/Winter 2013

But when it comes to handbags they come in so many different brands, size, designs, color-the list is endless! But I have brought together only some of the best brands which i think we all dream to have! and if you already have one of these brands, well, we are jealous! :D
As about size, for winter big sized handbags are most appropriate while for summer small clutches are best matched with dresses. In winter big sized bags are more favorite because it matches well with big coats and blazers!
As about colors, this fall comes with a wide variety of colors starting from maroon, grey, nude, black, navy blue, leopard prints, red and dark purple.
I love all Michael Kors bags and only few days ago saw one leopard printed bag in a shop and after knowing the price I quietly walked away! The prices are not affordable by everyone but those who can, know that they are gorgeous and are going to be in your closet for a long time.
Whenever you wear a brand handbag, your whole outfit looks different, stylish and simply trendy.
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