vendredi 18 octobre 2013

Beautiful Casual Hijab Tutorial in Only 6 Steps

Wearing your Hijab with style at special events is something everyone can do-but keeping it casual and stylish on daily basis is the key to looking feminine and gorgeous wearing your Hijab.
There are many ways to wear Hijab daily; some get comfortable wearing the same style day in and day out while other’s want to try new designs and are not afraid to try them. I like diversity, and in my opinion is always good knowing more than one Hijab style to wear. You can try it on and see how it looks on you. Although I believe this style matches perfectly to all different face shapes. If you have a long face shape, avoid wearing the black undescarf. Go for a non-see through shawl material and is going to look same as this one. Not much of a difference.
This style is perfect to wear on daily basis-for work, school or simply when having a tea with your friends. It only takes 6 steps and super easy to follow. Choose a shawl that you like and wear a black (or any other color) underscarf that you like.
Pin the Hijab on both sides as the picture indicates and you will create a gorgeous ruffle on the side. Very easy and takes so little time. Try it and share with us your opinion on this Tutorial. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to try it on myself but first thought to share it with you all so you can try it also.
Beautiful Casual Hijab Tutorial in Only 6 Steps
Beautiful Casual Hijab Tutorial in Only 6 Steps

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