lundi 16 décembre 2013

Scarves, Hats, Gloves… 9 Accessories for a Warm Winter

This winter be punk, fatal, romantic or chic with autumn-winter 2013/2014 accessories! They allow you to boost your outfits and be bang on the trend of the moment, Check out our selection of  The “it” accessories of the winter season.
The first Accessory is hats (knitted hats) : You can wear them on your hijab on just right on your hair and wear a matched scarf around your neck or a scarf matched with your gloves.
The 2nd Accessory is the scarf , we’re not tolkinf about the hijab here but the neck scarf, it’s an essential for a warm and Stylish winter.
The 3rd Accessory is the faux fur collar, it’s a sweet class, suitable for classy and elegant outfits. but still you can wear them with casual ones.
The 4th one is Gloves, you will need a very warm yet comfy gloves and which make easy to use your hands for holding anything. Of course while choosing your gloves don’t forget the trendy side of things, so a sweet color would be the best choice

The 5th Accessory is a sweater shawl or sweater cape, they are so compfy and stylish to add on your outfit for extra warm

The 6th accessory are the knit arm sleeves, they are really a big winter trend, can be worn on your shirt sleeves or under coat sleeves, they look like gloves but fingers are shown.
The 7th one are the snoods, we already wrote an article about them and how to choose them, you may want to check it out.
The 8th accessory are boots. High or short, heels or wedges, flats or ankle boots they are a must have for winter no matter how warm the weather is.

The 9th one is a leather bag, a bag that will affrod the hardness of winter days.
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