dimanche 22 décembre 2013

Oriental Nights Lighted with DIY Moroccan Candle Holders

-Glass Jar
-Transparent Glass Paint
2.The Proces

Step 1: Pour a glass paint inside of the jar so the bottom will be completely covered.
Step 2: Turn the jar slowly so the paint can spread to the walls.
Step 3:  Pour the second color inside the jar and start to swirl the jar so the paint can spread onto the walls.
Step 4:  Turn the jar upside down on the paper plate so the paint can spread down to the sides of the jar.
Step 5: Leave the jar for 1 hour to dry out and the excess paint can dip out on the paper.
Step 6: After the jar is dried out, for a durable finish bake the jar with a non preheated oven at 200°F.
Step 7 : Using an applicator, make your own pattern onto the glass jar.

3.The Result

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