samedi 7 décembre 2013

Ombre Nails Tutorial

This cute summer nail design is great and I am sure everyone will be asking how you did it.
Actually it is not as hard as it looks like. All you need are pink, yellow and green nail polish (possibly in a neon shade), white base and a piece of sponge.
Step 1: Paint your nail white (or any other light colour if you like)
2. Let is dry completely and let`s start.
On a plastic bag put a few drops of each colour, as shown on the picture (in this case green at the bottom, pink on the top and yellow at the middle, if you want to make just the opposite sequence on your nail.
Soak the sponge into water, drain it a little, but don`t make it completely dry, as the wetter the sponge is, the slower the nail polish dried on it.
Time to apply the colours – put the sponge on to the coloured plastic bag
3. Then carefully sponge your nails. Don`t worry if you have nail polish on your finger, you can quickly clean it later.
4. When you are done “sponging” your nails, apply a top coat and let it dry
This is what I call cute summer nail design!

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