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Need A New Jewellery Box – Use DIY Jewellery Box Ideas To Help Create Your New Box

DIY jewellery box ideas might not seem like something that you are going to consider but actually it can be quite fun to make your own jewellery box.  Some jewellery boxes are so expensive but that is why DIY jewellery box ideas are very popular today because everyone is looking to make their own.
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This is something more and more people are doing each and every day because they are simple ideas and you can really put your own spin on your new jewellery box.  You don’t even need to buy new materials; you can use the old items in your home including old trinket boxes and broken jewellery boxes.
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For one, you could actually take an old shoe box and start making your own jewellery box.  Now, right away you don’t think this will be a good idea however; it can make fantastic DIY jewellery box ideas.
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You can decorate the exterior so that it looks more of a jewellery box; it doesn’t need to be anything fancy but something pretty or whatever you like.  For the interior, you could add some separators.  You could add little areas for different jewellery pieces.  You could add foam, and little ring separators for the rings and do the same for your earrings and bracelets.
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This is just one idea; there are many others in which you can choose from.  However, DIY jewellery box ideas can be so fun and there are really tones in which you can consider.  Though, if you have a lot of old trinket boxes or an old music box laying around your house you could use that.
5. Image Source: DIY Enthusiasts

You can decorate the exterior with paints or lovely craft paper of some kind; or if you like the design to the exterior, you can keep it like that.  You don’t need to change a thing.  However, for the interior, you can remove any old things that you no longer need from there and add your jewellery.  You can take jewellery separators for different pieces of jewellery you have. At the end you can add a new clasp to the lid so that you can get easy access and put your every day jewellery there when you head off to bed at night. Though, these are just a few simple ideas.  There are many in which you could try for yourself including taking an old little box and decorating it and reinforcing it so that it remains strong to hold all of the jewellery.  You can have fun when it comes to DIY jewellery box ideas.
6. Image Source: Shade s of Voguish

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