lundi 16 décembre 2013

Lace Up Nail Tutorial

Nail design lovers has taken nail art in another dimension! Today we are going to show you all how to create the beautiful sportive lace up nail design. Not only this design is unique and awesome, but full of colours and easy to create. This nail design is inspired by the lace up sportive shoes and it suits perfectly to everyone that wants to create a lovely special nail design.
For this nail design you will need different colour manicures (like the ones in the picture but you can add your own colours if you like). Start by applying a full coat of manicure such as shown in the picture tutorial. Then paint the tip of your nails in white (kind of a white manicure); and then with a thick brush and black manicure, create two vertical lines such as shown below. With the same thick brush, or take a new/clean one, create the zig-zag design (same as the lace of your shoes). With the black manicure create kind of half circle line the end of your nails such as indicated. And there it is! This is a beautiful design that as you can see it takes only a few minutes.
You can create the same design with only black and white; it looks very awesome (if you want to create the same design but in black and white, please have a look at my previous articles to find the tutorial). Enjoy creating the lace up nail design; the most popular nail deign currently.
Converse nails tutorial
Lace Up Nail Tutorial

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