mardi 10 décembre 2013

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

If you have small eyes and want to make them look bigger, keep in mind all of the techniques we’regoing to sharewith you whichcan be applied for your everyday make up. You can keep these techniques as well for the smokeylook.
  • To redefine the contours of the eye apply the eyeliner with dark brown or black pencil flush with upper and lower lashes and blend well.
  • Set your hollow with a matte brown that you back up so it can be seen when you wear your glasses.
  • Let your eyelid and your lining as clear as possible. Use a waterproof cream eye shadow in beige iridescent on your eyelid and iridescent beige pencil in your mucosa. This will give the illusion that your eyes are bigger!
  • If you make a colored or dark make up don’t hesitate to well raise the color so it is visible with the glasses if you want to wear them and always keep the mucosa as clear as possible. Avoid the black opt for grey or brown.
  • Bring the light below the brow and in the inner corner always with an iridescent beige fap.


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