lundi 2 décembre 2013

How to Grow Longer Lashes Naturally

Long dark lashes are a dream to many woman-beautiful long lashes can widen up your eyes and enhance your face features- however, only few women are born with long lashes- and for the rest of us there are fake lashes; but for you who have tried them you know how uncomfortable they are. It’s a waste of money as you can’t use a pair for more than 2-3 times maximum. I used to buy fake lashes from online stores but I got so tired of them- I don’t want to glue my eyes and wear fake lashes and constantly check myself in the mirror if they are still in place. That’s when I learned some natural ways to grow my lashes and it totally worked-now I no longer buy fake lashes because there’s nothing better than having your own long natural lashes and below I will show you some easy steps for you all to achieve them.
How to Grow Longer Lashes Naturally
1- Use Oil- You can use olive oil or castor oil, whatever you have- apply the oil onto your lashes every night before you go to bed with an old cleaned mascara brush -or you can use your fingers, then in the morning wash your face as normally and that’s it. You will soon see great results; do this until you are satisfied with your lashes length.
2- Egg white: will make your lashes grow fuller and stronger. Combine egg white with castor oil and apply it onto your lashes and leave it overnight.
3- Less Mascara: For many women mascara is a must-there’s no makeup done without applying mascara in the end but if your lashes have start to brake and fall, then consider not applying mascara every day.
4- Healthy eating: Your eating habit can make or break your lashes, therefore consider eating healthy not only for your lashes but for your entire body.

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