lundi 16 décembre 2013

How to Clean Your Silver Jewelry Using this Method

I believe we all have silver jewelry we use daily and some other more we may have forgotten we have them. Today while searching for something in my room, I came across with a small box of silver jewelry I hadn’t use for a few months and it really sadden me because they had gotten dirty and black in some parts, the shine was gone. And it was then when I came across with some awesome tips that I used to get my shinny silver jewelry back. Below you will find the best secret on how to make your silver jewelry shine and glow.
In a bowl (the size of the bowl depends on how many silver jewelry you want to clean) heat some water until it gets really hot. Carefully cover the bowl with tinfoil and then add salt and baking soda at the bottom of the bowl. Slowly add vinegar and mix all the ingredients well by using a spoon so you don’t burn yourself.
Place your silver jewelry in it and wait for a few minutes for the chemical reaction to do its job.
If you see that the silver jewelry is whitening more in one side, then you can flip them over (like a burger) so its all good and clean in both sides.
Carefully get the jewerly out of the bowl and with a clean towel dry them out. You will see that your silver jewelry will be shining like never before.
Give it a go and clean your silver jewelry with this awesome method. It only takes a few minutes and you will love it!
How to Clean Your Silver Jewelry Using this Method
How to Clean Your Silver Jewelry Using this Method

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