samedi 14 décembre 2013

Gold Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial


Add some shine to your eyes this season!

Create a unique twist to the normal brown smoky eye look this season, shine with the Gold Smoky eye look!

Gold smoky eyes give you a beautiful look that is absolutely perfect for special occasions, a night out and even bridal make up!

For best effects and the most dramatic advantage use metallic gold eye shadow applying it damp and introducing a smoky bronze shade to add depth and detail.

How to!

  1. Firstly, spread MAC Painterly Painted Pot to the lid as a base (make sure all the lid is covered)

  1. With an eye shadow brush add L’Oreal Eternal Sunshine eye shadow to the whole of the lid (apply slightly more to the inner inside part of the eye and under the eye)

  1. For the upper lid use an eye shadow brush to apply MAC brown script – ensure it is blended well

  1. Now with an eye shadow brush add MAC Carbon to the outside of the lid (from the outside only covering a quarter of the eye lid and ensure blended in well)

  1. Add (to the part of the lid not yet colored) Coastal Scents ‘Mimsoa’

  1. Take your eye shadow brush and blend the MAC Painterly Painted Pot and Coastal Scents ‘Mimsoa’ together

  1. Use the MAC Painterly Painted pot with an eye shadow brush and draw under the eye to create an eye liner effect (stop just before the inside of the eye)

  1. Use MAC Feline Pencil for eye liner (draw on as normal)

  1. Use a liquid eye liner of your choice (we recommend Nye Liquid Liner) and draw as normal on the inner part of the lid

  1. Curl your eye lashes to ensure maximum effect

  1. Add your mascara (as dramatic as possible!)

  1. Add your false eye lashes (then add more eye liner if required)

Your beautiful, dramatic look is now complete!


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