jeudi 5 décembre 2013

Gold and Emerald Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

If you are looking for an eye-catching makeup to brighten up your entire face, then you have come in the right place! I am very exciting to bring to you all this beautiful eye shadow that has totally stolen my heart.
I have had gold eye shadow but today went and bought emerald green eyeshadow and let me tell you, it came out gorgeous! With a brush apply gold eyeshadow starting by the inner corner of your eyes until the end of your eyelid ; but don’t go too far out because that’s where you going to apply the emerald green eyeshadow. After applying the gold eyeshadow (look picture number 1), with the same brush or different one, apply emerald green eyeshadw (look picture number 2). Using a very thick brush, apply a little big black eyeshadow or black pencil such as shown in the picture number four and five. Black eyeshadow makes the eyes deeper as well as makes your makeup look more elegant and sophisticated.
Get ready your black eyeliner and carefully draw a thick line as close as possible on your upper lashes. Now, you can either put fake lashes or apply black mascara. If you have short and thick lashes then it is recommended for you to apply fake ones, but I am not very comfortable with the idea of wearing fakes lashes because it just doesn’t feel good to me, but if it is a matter of an important event then I would happily put fake lashes and look awesome! Enjoy and follow these easy steps for this beautiful eye-catching makeup!
Gold and Emerald Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

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