samedi 7 décembre 2013

Flawless Brows – Easy Steps to Perfect Brows

She is so beautiful with those bushy eyebrows said no one ever. Brows are critical for the whole face, so never underestimate them. This tutorial will teach you how to master the art of brow shaping and look glamorous.
It is very important to clean and groom your eyebrows regularly otherwise no makeup could do the trick.
1. Groom your eyebrows
2 & 3 Outline the bottom hairline with powder using an angled brush
4. Use a spoolie or mascara to brush the brows. This will soften the powder.
5. Outline the upper hairline and fill in if any gaps.
6. Brush again
7.Draw an arch under brow bone using a magic stick highlighter
8 & 9 Blend the highlighter with a flat edge brush. Start from the inner corner and with a fanning motion reach the outer corner. If there is any excess product – don`t forget to blend it, too.
10-11 No one likes stray hairs, so eliminate them using a brow gel brush and you are done.

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