dimanche 1 décembre 2013

Elegant Black and Gold Nail Tutorial

A few years when I first tried nail designs made with gel, I had a big collection of nail design pictures in front of me but there was one particular design that caught my attention! It was something very similar to this nail picture tutorial you see below! I spent 30$ in that saloon having my nails done and let me tell you, it lasted less than a week! But since then, I have learned a lot of things about nails and the most important rule you should know is that :
You can do it yourself! Yes that is correct. You don’t have to go and spend money as well as long hours in order to have your nails done, now you can do it yourself in less than ten minutes. How? Continue reading.
For this tutorial you will need a transparent nail polish, nail glue, black nail polish and golden metallic paper (you can also choose the golden paper of cigarettes packs). If you are a smoker you know that cigarette packs have yellow metallic paper when you open it, take that paper out and use it for your this tutorial.
Start by applying transparent nail polish close to your cuticles; after it dries a little bit, with a small brush apply glue in it so it sticks good and takes the gold out of the paper. You can buy on beauty shops gold papers that are made for this thing. Do that in all of your nails and with the black nail polish carefully apply it by not touching the golden line you create. And this is it! Beautiful, elegant nail polish for all occasions!
Elegant Black and Gold Nail Tutorial
Elegant Black and Gold Nail Tutorial

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