samedi 7 décembre 2013

DIY Minion Nails

To be honest with you I am old enough to drive a car, buy alcohol and go to a nightclub, however I must admit that I love Despicable Me. Those small, cylindrical, yellow creatures, who speak a funny language are so cute that I would not miss the opportunity to get a Minion nail design – this tutorial is for all of you, who also enjoy the movies.
Of course, you should start with yellow nail polish. Then create the goggle strap, using black in the middle of your nail. The goggle rim should be done with a dotting tool and silver nail polish, then simply draw the pupil with a small dotting tool. Add a few small lines at the bottom of your nail to enable your minion with hair and you are done.
Now all you need is a bunch of friends, popcorn, drinks and the Despicable Me DVDs.

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