mercredi 18 décembre 2013

DIY- Christmas GIft Box in form of pyramid

Giving and receiving  presents is one of the many joys that we can enjoy during  Christmas. Aside of the pleasure that you are going to pick some cool and interesting gift for your close ones,  the gift box can also be the important part of the process.  Some gift boxes are so creative and appealing, that you feel bad to unwrap them, but then the curiosity wins and you unwrap that gift. Anyway, a pyramid shaped gift is a super creative and unique way to present your gift to your close ones for Christmas. And the good news is : is really easy to make. Check out the guide below and start crafting.
step by step paper gift box

Step 1: Print the template onto a card of 8.5 by 11 piece of a card.
Step 2:  Use a scissors to cut out the triangle shape
Step 3: Fold the edges  according to the line.
Step 4: Make a hole in each triangle.
Step 5:  Use a decorative ribbon to hold the pieces together.

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