lundi 16 décembre 2013

Black and Baby Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial

In case you have been on baby shops, you have seen that the most common color for baby boy clothes is blue. But not any kind of blue; the blue I am talking is light but at same time soft and reminds you of babies, and that’s the kind of blue I am talking about.
A friend of mine had that color on her makeup kit and she gave to me saying that she has never used it and honestly she didn’t thought there was a way she could wear that color and feel confident. So after taking it, I was looking for some ways on how to apply it. I wanted something unique yet beautiful and that would make me feel comfortable wearing it-and that’s when I came across with this tutorial below. Having brown eyes works great with this tutorial, but don’t worry, even if you have blue or green eyes, it looks the same; just it gets more intense when applied on brown eyes.
Anyway, saying that, all you need for this tutorial is baby blue and black eyeshadow. Start by applying a base (foundation) for your makeup. Then apply the black eyeshadow (or you can use a black pencil and then smudge it well with a small brush) whatever is better to you. Then Apply the baby blue eyeshadow such as shown in the picture below. Don’t forget to apply eyeshadow even on the lower lashes. Actually what makes the makeup tutorial so loved is the trick done at the end of the eye. If you see how the white shimmery eyeshadow makes the eye look bigger and creates a new makeup style we haven’t seen often. Simply follow the pictures below carefully and that’s all you need to achieve this gorgeous makeup both for daily wear or evening events.
Black and Baby Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial

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